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Women in Fund Finance Event

WFF Europe: Discussing the Talent Gap

March 15, 2022
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM GMT

About the Event

Our panel will discuss the current and emerging trends in the recruitment markets, with an accent on the difficulties faced by some market players on finding adequate candidates, followed by insights from our panel on how these could become opportunities. We will subsequently open the presentation for questions from the audience.


Moderator: Fantine Jeannon (ICG) 

Panel: Rory Smith (Brickfield Recruitment), David Harvey (Marks Sattin), and Tim McKean (Stevenson James)

Smith, Rory (Brickfield Recruitment)
Rory Smith

Brickfield Recruitment

Harvey, David (Marks Sattin)
David Harvey

Marks Sattin

McKean, Tim (Stevenson James)
Tim McKean

Stevenson James