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Brickfield’s 2022 Q1 report on the fund finance recruitment market

Published March 29, 2022
Brickfield has now released its 2022 Q1 report on the current state of the fund finance recruitment and talent search market.

It has been a very busy and fast-moving period, with a number of factors involved including the shift to working from home, increased compensation levels and ongoing high demand for talent at banks, funds, alternative lenders and law firms. Read our analysis of the year so far, along with some predictions and advice for both hiring managers and candidates.

Brickfield Recruitment's global approach works with all sectors within the fund finance ecosystem by providing the most advanced access to high-quality fund finance talent and reducing the search time for clients and candidates considerably.

Rory Smith
Founder Brickfield Recruitment

Brickfield’s 2022 Q1 report